Commodity Trading

CTRM implementation

Dairy trading

Hoogwegt International is the largest dairy trader in the Netherlands and since 2016 they have a partnership with Cadran Consultancy to replace their hybrid / MS-excel based IT environment with the CTRM4JDE solution based on JDEdwards / Oracle ERP solution. Novitam has provided support and knowledge to design and specify Hoogwegt need’s for their physical and derivatived trading capability. Being able to trade Future and Option Contracts on EEX CME and NZX and automated market risk, M2M and settlements processes

Soybean trading dashboards

Novitam Consultancy in cooperation with Cadran consultancy has develop position dashboards and underlying calculations for the Soybean crush trading process. This blog describes three of the main trading / position dashboards.

In a crush spread, the trader takes a long position in Soybean futures against short positions in Soybean Meal and Soybean Oil futures. This is also known as the board crush. The value of the crush equals the Soybean Oil futures price plus the Soybean Meal futures price, minus the price of Soybean futures. Soybeans, soybean meal and soybean oil all trade in different units.

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Financial trading release of CTRM4JDE

Together with Cadran Consultancy B.V. Novitam developed the financial trading functionality in CTRM4JDE to support derivatives trading. The software included pricing of physical and future contracts based on complex pricing rules; financial settlement of derivatives and expiry of options and calculation of M2M (unrealized P&L) and Greeks on options.

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