Renewable assets optimization

PV Curtailment

With Covid-19 power demand has come down while power production from renewables assets (wind and solar) is increasing every month. The result of both is that volatility in demand / supply matching has increased substantially leading to negative prices on spot market and increased volatility in balancing markets.

Novitam has developed models and algorithms to optimize solar production against markets using storage facilities on-site or curtailment of production to mitigate risk of delivering power to the grid while prices are negative.

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Growing Dutch forecasting issues

Renewable energy storage model

Although claims widely made by companies to be fully supplied with renewable energy, conventional assets are still required to fill energy shortage when solar and wind assets during undersupply of these assets. Novitam has created model, algorithms and financial calculation to use Energy Storage capabilities to improve the “100%” renewable energy promise on an hourly basis.

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KPN using battery storage for improving renewable energy usage (in Dutch)

Renewable Energy Monitor

To allow large industrials to track their Renewable energy score, Novitam has developed a monitor to display the energy need of companies and calculate the amount of renewable energy used versus conventional (fossile) energy consumed. This allows companies to visualize their daily / hourly consumption and calcualte effects on their renewable score of new measurements like storage or curailment.

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